Your True Potential is Outside the Box

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“Thoughts precede actions so think what you want and your actions will chase after it.”


Many people tend to live inside a box. A box of limitations. You are capable of so much more! It stems from a certain way of thinking. You can remove all limitations by simply changing a few words in the things you tell yourself.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs versus unlimited:

A thought of limitation: I could never own my own business due to all the stress.
A thought without limitation: I can own my own business and remain stress free.


Limitation: If it could be done, someone would have done it already.
No limitation: I will do it and be the first.


Limitation: It is impossible!

No limitation: It is difficult but I will find a way!

Limitation: You have to have experience to be able to do that.
No limitation: I don’t need experience because I understand how to do it.

Limitation: I have a disease without a cure.
No limitation: I will stop this disease.


Limitation: I am not talented.

No limitation: I may have undiscovered talent if I explore it further.


Limitation: I can’t…
No limitation: I will…

A simple way to change your way of thinking, without limitations, is to focus on the solution or final result. Ask yourself, “What do I want?” The answer becomes what you focus on. Focus on your desire. If your desire is to go to the bathroom, your focus is on the bathroom, then you start walking there. Then you worry about any obstacles that may come up along the way. If you were painting a picture, you would focus on what you want it to look like when it’s done. Without that visualization, you might be able to start the painting but you wouldn’t be able to complete it. It is the same routine as looking at a map to get to a specific location. It’s much easier to find the destination and trace it back to your starting point.

Your desired result can be anything you can possibly think of. People often say, “I’d like to… but I can’t because…” There is a common phrase you’ve probably heard hundreds of times but may have discounted just how true and powerful it really is: You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

When I said, “I want to learn a martial art and hopefully get a black belt,” then I started learning a martial art and hoped to get good enough to go the distance and get a black belt. But when I said, “I will get my black belt,” then I did. When I said, “I want to reach enlightenment,” then all I could do was want to reach it. But when I said, “I will reach enlightenment,” then I did. When I said, I want to write a book and hopefully get published, then I wrote a book and hoped to get published. But when I said, “I will get this book published,” then I did. I didn’t know exactly how I would reach the goal, but I knew the goal and left no other option but to reach it.

Having a thought of something you desire is just like planting a seed in the garden. The seed will immediately start to grow. And so will your desire as soon as you have a thought. The seed will grow better when it is watered. And when it sprouts, it needs sunshine. Just three things will keep that seed growing. Sun, water and earth. Your seed of desire needs just three things to keep growing. Desire, action and visualization of the final outcome. Notice how you don’t need to know how to make it happen. You don’t need solutions to every foreseen obstacle or problem.

The seed in your garden already has a predetermined biological destiny. It will automatically grow into what ever plant the seed contains. Humans make their own destiny. Let me repeat that. Humans make their own destiny. How sweet is that? To the greater majority of people, however, they don’t realize that they have this ability because they think inside a box with limitations. The phrase, “Think outside the box,” is incredibly powerful advice.

Two people get up in the morning. One says, “It’s going to be a great day.” The other one says, “It’s going to be a bad day.” Both of them will get the outcome that they thought of. They planted a seed that immediately starts to grow. It’s the seed of desire and it grows in their subconscious minds. When a good thing happens during the day to the one who planted the seed of “good day,” he will say, “I was right,” and his vision will be further nurtured along. When something bad happens during the day to the one who said, “bad day,” he will say,” I was right, and his vision will be further nurtured along.

Thoughts precede actions so think what you want and your actions will chase after it.

Do not think in terms of what you currently think you can attain, which is limiting. Never never, never say, “I can’t because _________.” Always think in terms of what you really want, regardless of how wild and crazy it may seem, and then you have no limitations and you are free, outside the box! Expect the unexpected! Expect miracles! You have limitless possibilities!

More powerful wisdom from Kurt Arrow.

Peace be with you!


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How to End The Stress Paradigm

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We all want one thing. Everything centers around that one thing. That one thing is to feel good. To be happy. That’s what we all want, to be happy and feel good mentally, physically, and spiritually.


That is our true nature. To be happy, content, peaceful and loving. That is how we start our lives, however, something happens along the way and by the time we are adults, we have a lot of stress, anger, sadness, fear and a constant craving to feel better.


What happened? How do we go from completely stress free and happy to the complete opposite? The Stress Paradigm. It’s a pattern of thinking that has been handed down from one generation to the next. We are taught that as we get older, we have more responsibilities and more stress that we have to learn to manage. Responsibilities may increase but our stress doesn’t have to. Stress is not part of our true nature so we were taught the wrong thing.


From the moment one of your senses comes in contact with an object, the paradigm kicks in and within a second or two, a feeling leads to craving for more of it or to repel it. The craving leads to clinging on to it and the pattern always ends with stress or a negative state of mind. The pattern starts all over again the next time one of your senses comes in contact with an object. The same paradigm exists when just thinking and doesn’t need to have an object.


The Buddha referred to the Stress Paradigm as Dependent Co-arising and I referred to it as The 7 Stage Thought Pattern in my book, Powerful Wisdom. This is how the pattern goes: Contact > Thought categorized > Feeling > Craving > Clinging > Becoming > Stress ( Anger, Sadness, Fear ).


Since the paradigm plays out thousands of times each day, the result is a stressed out, unhappy, unfulfilled life. When focused on living in the moment, the pattern doesn’t go beyond Feeling. You would just enjoy a good feeling while you have it, and let go of a bad feeling if you get one. This is how an enlightened mind behaves. It is pure bliss in the moment, and without Craving, the pattern can’t progress and therefore, eliminates stress.


The Stress Paradigm is deeply engrained in our sub-conscious mind. It is a bad habit. The way to break a habit is to be keenly aware of it, and continuously correct it until it is no longer a sub-conscious pattern. In Buddhism, this process is called “Mindfulness,” and it’s called “Thought Watching” in my book, Powerful Wisdom. I teach a simple 3 step method of “Observe,” “Acknowledge,” “Let it go,” which quickly identifies the paradigm, while simultaneously training the mind to behave differently. Until the paradigm is completely removed, there is only one way to control the degree of stress and unhappiness which is to deliberately stay focused in the current moment.


What best describes you? If you are generally happy with little stress most of the time, then you are mostly focused in the moment. If you are generally stressed out and unhappy most of the time, then you are spending a lot of time dwelling on the past and/or worrying about the future.


Stress and all negative states of mind rely on thoughts of the past or future. When focused on living in the current moment, it is impossible to have stress or any negative states of mind. You might argue this point and ask, “Then why am I feeling badly right in the moment?” While it’s true that stress and negative states of mind are felt right in the moment, they are caused by thoughts of the past or future. So if you stop thinking of the past or future, the feeling will end. Let’s say you are mad at someone. You feel mad right in the moment. But if you stop thinking of what made you mad (thinking of the past), the feeling will end. You might think that it isn’t that easy to do that, and that’s because of “clinging” which is part of the Stress Paradigm. You end up clinging to feeling mad. Not because you want to continue feeling mad, but because you think it will make you feel better. It makes no sense but neither does the whole paradigm itself. Once you get rid of the Stress Paradigm, you realize how ridiculous it was.

There are plenty of times when you want to recall something from the past or make plans for the future, and that is fine. What I’m talking about here, is the unwanted thoughts. The ones that activate the Stress Paradigm. They are pretty easily recognized. If you are worried or fearful, you’re probably thinking about the future. If you are angry or sad, you’re probably thinking about the past.

Living with the Stress Paradigm will allow an increase of knowledge but prohibits enlightenment and expanded, higher levels of consciousness. You are not in control of your own mind as long as the paradigm is there, and all you can do is react to what it does. Because the paradigm ends in stress, the reaction is to try and escape stress by seeking pleasure, and it becomes an endless loop.

Having the Stress Paradigm is like running outdated computer software. It works, but could be massively improved! As the worldwide consciousness shift is currently underway, it won’t be long until enlightenment is the standard, those not up to date will feel inferior and restrict the development and evolution of themselves, their children and grand children.

Why is this paradigm prevalent in about 90 percent of the population? Because people are not educated about it and believe that chasing after pleasures of the senses will make them happy, and they have accepted what they have been taught, that life has stress. It is my job to educate those who want a better life and teach the truth, that stress can be permanently eliminated and is not part of life. Eliminating stress as well as the constant craving for sense pleasures leaves you in a perfect state of true unconditional happiness. That is greater than any sense pleasure could provide!


Peace be with you!


Love, Kurt



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The System That Controls Us


Some organized crime is legal!

Our government does it all the time. Big businesses, banks, drug companies, oil producers, and billionaires are all in on it. It’s what I call, “The System.” This article is not about my venting over something I don’t like. It’s simply to point out what we have unknowingly bought into, that prevents us from reaching our true potential.

The System begins with the aforementioned industries and extreme wealth. They dictate how the world (a greater portion of it) should operate. All designed to bring them more money. The trickle down effect has people at every level from millionaires down to the poverty stricken, trying to climb up while those above us keep us down so their place is not surpassed.

Those at the top will stop at nothing to maintain control. That even includes murder. One example would be how they squashed the cures for cancer and other major diseases. You know… the ones our friends and relatives died from.

They have disallowed development of alternate sources of energy which are known to exist. In spite of serious risks, the drug companies continue to promote medicines which, in turn, promotes the existence of new and old illnesses and diseases, thereby increasing the need for more medicine, doctors, hospitals, etc. and more money feeding The System.

The System was created a long time ago based on people’s craving for more and more riches, resulting in a certain pattern of thinking – a paradigm that goes from craving to getting, to stress and unhappiness, to craving, to getting, to stress and unhappiness, to craving for more and more, without ever being satisfied. On and on and on… until we come to believe this kind of thinking is a normal part of life. And the paradigm has been taught and handed down from one generation to the next. Nobody wants to crave and be unhappy, so we keep on trying new things to be happy and content with, but the paradigm is only reinforced.

The Buddha taught how to end the paradigm and completely bring craving and stress to an end, which I can attest to, can be done. (Powerful Wisdom, my life changing book on Amazon, is available for about 10 bucks – hint hint). The craving is so strong that it locks you in the paradigm and The System and has most of the world’s population enslaved to it.

The only reason you are reading this is because, deep down, you know something just isn’t right. Your instincts tell you it’s not supposed to be this way. Your instincts are correct! You are supposed to be happy and content!

Good news for everyone is that The System will be dismantled with very little effort. Not by fighting it, however. We already have enough fighting like the war on drugs, the fight for a breast cancer cure and the fight against hunger. Fighting keeps the problem going.

Through the people empowerment project (details at, people will get back their power they unknowingly gave up to The System. In short, the people empowerment project is designed to redistribute the wealth and abundance, which, in turn, will relieve cut throat competition and the struggle to maintain achievement levels within The System. Not only does it remove poverty, on the low end, but it removes the fear driven, greedy high end. The result is one big happy society! It will not remove the paradigm that is deeply entrenched in your subconscious mind, but it will give you an incredible surge of hope and encouragement! My book, Powerful Wisdom, will bring an end to the paradigm quickly and easily.

Some may consider this a wild pipe dream or aspiration. Or just another attempt at world peace that has been tried and failed at before. Some may think that there are so many organizations already working for the good of mankind, and it’s just another one being added. This sort of thinking is based on “what was,” and “what is,” to predict “what will be.”

Now, I am bringing in brand new thought without limitations, that provides solutions that, once in place, dissolves pre-existing conditions. I have the methods to achieve what I was brought into this world to achieve, together with God as my teacher and inspiration.

We are supposed to feel good all the time. Do you? Are you living life the way you want to, or is something holding you back? Do you feel that life isn’t treating you well? Do you feel that God or Jesus has let you down or have not answered your prayers? Do you think that you are a good person and don’t deserve the stress and unhappiness in your life?

Many people are searching for answers, for hope, for a better way, but it always seems just out of reach. You will be happy to know that you have been drawn to this for a reason, and the happiness you desire and deserve will definitely be yours! Stay tuned for details coming very soon!

Love, Kurt

Peace be with you!


“Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5

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Enlightenment is only possible when you stop clinging. When you keep trying to hold up your fortress and be strong, or you consider being meek or physically weak a bad trait, then you are clinging. Clinging leads to stress and unhappiness.Accept yourself as you are which is perfect. Ignore anyone who tries to tell you otherwise.

Peace be with you!

Love, Kurt


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Never! Never! Never!

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Never look at what WAS or what IS to determine what will BE!


Because what IS, came as a result of what WAS!


What will BE, will come as a result of what your thoughts are regarding the future! You can choose what your future will be! See your future as if it is right here and now, and ignore your past and current situations!


What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve!” Napoleon Hill, Author of Think and Grow Rich


Therefor I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.” Jesus, The Holy Bible – Mark 11:24


Ask and it shall be given you.” Jesus, The Holy Bible – Matthew 7:7


Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Albert Einstein




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What is your vibe?

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“Thoughts create feelings and the better you feel, the higher your vibration.”


Your vibration dictates your future by way of the Law of Attraction. Everything in the universe is energy. Vibrating energy. What we perceive as solid objects, upon close examination are nothing more than vibrating molecules, including ourselves. Atoms, protons, neurons, and all those things the scientists are concerned with.

Science shows us that our vibrating energy attracts similar vibrating energy from the universe. Like attracts like. Your thoughts effect your vibration and negative thoughts mean a low vibration. So you would attract other negative low vibrations into your life. Positive thoughts are a high vibration and attract other high vibrations into your life.

You will see this to be true if you look back at your life. More importantly, if you want to improve your future, you can create an amazing life by thinking positive thoughts.

Thoughts create feelings and the better you feel, the higher your vibration. The number one feeling is the guiding force of the universe, and that is LOVE. The more you love, the better you feel and your high vibration attracts more of the same into your life.

A close second to love is gratitude. Be grateful for all that God has blessed you with. If you are grateful for the money that you have, you will get more. This is how people unknowingly sabotage themselves if they feel a lack of money. That feeling creates a low vibration and they attract more of the same. You’ve probably heard, “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” That is why.

Your feelings and vibrations are mirrored back to you. So if you currently have a lot of bad luck and misfortune in your life, that is what has been mirrored back to you from negative thoughts and feelings.

We have a hard time believing in something that isn’t immediately recognized by our senses. So we must believe based on knowledge and experience. It’s easier to understand our vibrational nature if you consider the way we hear, which is completely based on vibrations. We can’t actually see noises traveling through the air, but we have a firm belief in the concept.

The Law of Attraction is giving you an exact match to the vibrational frequency you are projecting. So think happy and positive thoughts. Your life depends on it!

Peace be with you! Love, Kurt

Powerful Wisdom


What follows is an excerpt from my book, Powerful Wisdom. It is the core essence of my teaching. Several months after it was published, I came to believe that it was co-authored by God and was far more powerful than I ever imagined.


Are you one of the many people who are searching and searching for true, lasting happiness? Searching for answers. Trying to figure out why some people are so happy, without any effort. Are you always trying to understand your life and purpose?

Are you one of those people who keep on trying new things to find happiness such as positive thinking, raising self-esteem, relaxing activities, exercise, motivational reading, pursuing goals, spirituality, meaningful activities, play in addition to work, choosing to be happy, cultivating gratitude, fostering forgiveness and everything else the experts suggest? But you are still searching?!

You want to change your life, but haven’t been able to come up with the answer that will set you free. Each new thing you try, you cling to like a life raft and hope and pray you’ve finally found the answer. And you want it to be simple and you want immediately, right?

Do you often think that if you just achieve something like a new job, new attitude, new relationship, more free time, or something else, will be the answer. Sometimes the new achievements work out and you’re happy for a while, but it never lasts, does it?

Have you ever wondered, that maybe you just won’t ever find happiness, that you are born to suffer, that you have bad luck, that you are being punished by God for doing something bad, or anything like this?

And on and on and on you go, searching, but never giving up. You always have that little glimmer of hope. And that is why you are reading this now. Well, now it’s time to STOP!

It’s ironic that you have had the answer in the palm of your hand the whole time. Look at the palm of your hand. Do you see? When you look at the palm of your hand, you are right here in the present moment. All of your searching for answers was looking toward the future. All negative thoughts or the “baggage” that you carry, are stemming from your past.

But when your mind is focused on your palm, right here and now, you are happy and stress-free. Go ahead, look again and savor the moment. As soon as you start thinking of your problems (past memory) or dreaming of finding happiness (future), unhappiness returns, right? Don’t worry, this is not about suppressing those thoughts.

Let’s put it to the test right now. Stop reading for a minute and look around or take a short walk, focusing on everything you hear, see and smell and be aware of how stress-free and happy you feel right here, in the moment.

Congratulations! Your search is over! You found the key to happiness. Stress-free, unconditional happiness. I bet you are thinking that it couldn’t possibly be that easy. Well, I didn’t believe it either, at first. Your rational mind is telling you that it just can’t be. And you are probably getting thoughts like, “Nothing is that easy,” or “If it was that easy, everyone would be happy and stress-free,” or, “I wish it was that easy.”

Good news. It is, in fact, the answer you’ve been looking for. It is the key to happiness. Just by living in the current moment, you are happy and content. It doesn’t matter what you have, where you are or what you are doing. It’s with you all the time. You are inherently happy and stress-free. Just look at young children playing. They are stress-free and happy, and completely absorbed in the moment.

This doesn’t mean that you never have thoughts of the past or future. It means that there are habitual thought patterns that pull you toward the past or future that are making you unhappy and causing you to search for answers, which is the very reason you haven’t been able to find it.

Now, think about your happiest memories, or each time that you do one of your favorite activities, and how happy you are. While it’s true that they are happy times and doing something you enjoy, the underlying reason is because you are living in the moment.

You already know that when you take your mind off your problems, you escape for a short time. Your mind doesn’t know that it can be this way all of the time, like it did for the first few years of your life. As you grew older, your mind was fooled into believing that there is more stress as you get older, or more problems, or more difficult situations. Perhaps, you were told that by an adult, or two or three. It was fooled and that is why there is such confusion and searching for a better way.”

Peace be with you!

Love, Kurt